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 Enhanced Publications' approach to marketing is simple, direct, proven and EASY. Together we answer the key questions:

Where are you?

Where do you want to be?

How are we going to get there?

Then we get to work "getting there" through a concise, easy-to-follow roadmap known as your Marketing Plan. My goal is to make it simple. So simple you can't help but enjoy yourself along the way.


Enhanced Publications implements tools that work with and for you:

Anniversary Celebrations  

Award Submittals  

Corporate Line Cards   

Display Boards 


Professional Staff Resumes 


Service Offering Overviews   

Website Content Management

My goal is to provide you with the tools you need to get your job done -- to sell your firm's services. My favorite awards are those YOU get when our work helps land a big one for YOUR firm. 

Social Media Marketing


Constant Contact is a great tool for staying in touch, getting the word out on your business, organizing events, completing surveys and more. 


Enhanced Publications 

in Top 10% 

of Constant Contact Users!

The 2015 All Star Award program recognized the most successful 10% of Constant Contact’s customer base, based on their significant achievements leveraging online marketing tools to engage their customer base and drive results for their organization.  It was nice to be counted among that group but even better to garner true results for my clients. One firm I'm working with saw their first Constant Contact newsletter "open rate" skyrocket 1000% from their previous email service. Additionally, a feature article in the newsletter was highly complimented by a client's client! 

Enhanced Publications 

is also a 

Constant Contact Solution Provider

Let's talk about your marketing needs.


Presentation Preparation


I enjoy helping people craft their presentations and look forward to helping you take control of the room.  From determining the key points to creating visuals in support of your message (Prezi, PowerPoint, handouts), AND through practicing -- you'll be ready when the big day comes. 

YES, Practice!  Football teams wouldn't take the field without practice - why do other professionals think they can simply walk in a room and win without it?

Award Submissions


My clients do GREAT work and I truly enjoy helping to tell their stories. Together we've achieved a .571 batting average in The Associated General Contractors of Ohio Build Ohio Awards Program. Check out the Awards page for all the details.

BTW:  Outfielder Ty Cobb, whose career ended in 1928, has the highest batting average in Major League Baseball history. He batted .366 over 24 seasons, mostly with the Detroit Tigers.  (Go Tigers!)

Clients for the Long Run


Marketing is about relationships. It’s about finding people who need what you do, appreciate how you do it and value your involvement. It’s communication in every form, especially on the web. The best marketing approach is knowing what you truly enjoy and communicating the skills which bring the greatest value to your clients. Landing opportunities for your firm is then almost guaranteed — people know when your heart is in it and that's what they really want.

My greatest joy in business is helping clients reach their potential. I strive for and value long-term relationships where I get involved and make a difference for the future of a company. I have worked for the majority of my clients for many years.

Epic Project: Rudolph Libbe Companies History

Corporate History


"The biggest accomplishment is feeding a lot of families," explained Fritz Rudolph, founder of Rudolph/Libbe. "And creating a place where everybody wants to come to work." In 1955 Fritz, together with his brother, Phil, and cousin, Allan, founded Rudolph-Libbe Contractors, Inc. Those humble beginnings have grown into the Rudolph Libbe Group -  a family of company self-performing nearly all major trades, guaranteeing premium work quality, scheduling and budget control, and simplifying the construction and maintenance process. This book is their story.  

The Backstory


Pauline Glaza, Owner of Enhanced Publications, was Rudolph/Libbe's first Marketing Coordinator from 1987-1991. Marilyn Rudolph who worked alongside the three founders from the very beginning of the firm, enabled Pauline to start Enhanced Publications by enabling Rudolph/Libbe to purchase a computer system for Pauline to use at home and allowed Pauline to repay the company through payroll deductions. Completing this epic project became a "work of heart" - a way to say thank you for making Enhanced Publications possible.

The Proposal


Gail (Rudolph) Zimmerman, Fritz and Marilyn's daughter and long-time Rudolph Libbe employee, asked Pauline to take on the project and together they met with Bill Rudolph, President of The Rudolph/Libbe Companies. "Talk to people and gather the details," directed Bill in April 2009. "Let's start there." The initial research work was followed by a December, 2010 proposal to write, design and layout a 64-page book in nine months. Now complete, the book spans more than 150 pages and illustrates all of the major milestones of the first 60 years of  the Rudolph Libbe Group.

Foundations of Success


From left: Fritz, Phil and Allan as youngsters on the Rudolph family farm -- the site of Rudolph Libbe's headquarters today.

From the book's Dedication Page:

 The partners based everything on the ideals of their youth: hard work, high expectations, trustworthiness, loyalty, dedication, character and innovation. The book is dedicated to Fritz Rudolph, Phil Rudolph Sr., and Allan Libbe, along with Marilyn Rudolph, who was there every step of the way. 

"Thank you" simply isn't enough. We plan to always make you proud. 

John William (JW) Rudolph


From left: JW, Jim Grabarczyk, Howard Emch, Dorcy Sanders in 1972.

JW was Fritz and Phil's father, a force to be reckoned with in the early days of Rudolph Libbe. "JW was a World War I veteran," explained Marilyn Rudolph. "He lived with his sight set on doing the job right and making every motion count. JW never expected you to do what he wouldn't or couldn't do but he did expect you to keep up with him. That was tough. The young guys would come in figuring they could work him under the table. By the end of the day, JW whooped 'em. Everyone knew when JW and the 'cleanup crew' came to your jobsite it better be in top shape. Anything left laying around was picked up and taken back to the yard. It only took once and even the subs scrambled to get things in order."

Organizing History


The Rudolph Libbe Group story is organized by milestones with very little demarcation between chapters which are identified at the bottom of the pages as:

  • In the beginning – March 1955 through the first $1 million year, 1963.
  • Strengthening the foundation – 1964 through the company’s first computer in 1975.
  • Making strides – 1976 through 1987.
  • The Rudolph/Libbe Companies brand emerges – 1988 through 2000.
  • Taking on the New Millennium - 2001 through 2016

Key national and world events underpin the pages to provide a context of time and society through the years.